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  1. Silvermoth New Member

    Apparently, the next Discworld telemovie has been confirmed by Pratchett to be "Going Postal."

    So out of curiosity, who could you picture in the roles? Here are my thoughts...

    Moist von Lipwig- John Barrowman
    Stanley- David Mitchell (Been looking for a Discworld character for him for ages)
    Adora Belle Dearheart- Tamsin Greig or Selma Blair.
    Groat- Bob Hoskins for some star power or David Jason because he enjoys the roles so much.
    Reacher Gilt- Mark Mitchell, I saw him on "Round the Twist", he would make an excellent Reacher.
    Ms Maccalariat- Geraldine McEwan
    Mr Pump- Anyone with a nice deep voice. If Clive Owen can voice him and be cost effective, that would rule.
    Vetanari- Jeremy Irons
  2. jaccairn New Member

    I'm not sure that John Barrowman could ever manage the fade into the background and be forgettable part of Moist's character. Though he would find the postmaster general part fun.
  3. Maljonic Administrator

    I wonder if they might ignore the bit about him being forgettable to look at for the movie, I can't see many actors jumping at that one if they don't. :)

    Or maybe they'll drab him up a bit for some scenes then allow him to shine when he's in the gold suit?
  4. Sunna New Member

    Ooh,Selma Blair,good choice
  5. Jambosticus New Member

    John Barrowman is my least favourite actor ever so i would hate it if he had any association with Discworld. Why have they skipped so far forward from COM/Lf to Going Postal? I know Hogfather was made 1st but i presumed that was because it was seasonal.
  6. Silvermoth New Member

    I think because Terry is planning another Moist von Lipwig book soon and its clever marketing to have it coincide with a telemovie introducing the character.

    It doesn't mean they won't go back and make other Discworld films.
  7. superbanana New Member

    I sort of think that Helen Bonham Carter could make a good adorabelle and Daniel Craig could do Moist quite well
  8. LonaHoxworth New Member

    Going Postal

    I love Jeremy Irons as Ventinari...good one!
  9. alexbutterfield New Member

    Since I posted this in the wrong thread...

  10. alexbutterfield New Member

    They can't overlook it. And I think it's a challenge the casting director and director will enjoy, making an actor fade into the background would be great fun.

    Helena Bonham Carter would be good - as many people suggested on IMDB. But its completely unrealistic for the budget level. This isn't a hollywood blockbuster. It's like casting Al Pacino as Vetinari and Brad Pitt as Moist. (maybe not quite but you get my point)

    I think British TV and independent movie actors are the best source. Which is a pity because I think Paul Bettany is perfect for Moist, but he's probably too big for this budget. It's funny, I just asked my wife how she'd cast moist and she said Paul Bettany as well. I had never mentioned that idea to her, and it's not like he's someone we are fans of in particular. I don't even remember the last time we saw him in a movie. (My wife then got all soppy about the fact that we think the same way, lol)
  11. LonaHoxworth New Member

    Where is it at

    Anyone know where the movie stands? Filming yet? And when is a new book coming out?
  12. peapod_j New Member

    They are filming at the moment. Cant rembember where though, some where in Europe. I think it's going to be shown over the christmas period like hogfarther was.

    I hope Ian Richardson does the voice of Mr Pump. He was great as Death.
  13. jaccairn New Member

  14. randywine Member


    Ian Richardson died in 2007.

    That's why Christopher Lee did the voice of DEATH in TCOM.

  15. peapod_j New Member

    Oh dear spending too much time with my best mate. Christopher Lee is a brilliant voice actor as well.
  16. Wiredwrong New Member

    I always imagine David Tennant when I read Moist Von Lipwig He definitely had something of the con-man as Casanova.
  17. randywine Member

    Going Postal Cast List

    Discworld News July 2009 © PJSM Prints

    Moist von Lipwig - Richard Coyle
    Reacher Guilt - David Suchet
    Lord Vetinari - Charles Dance
    Adora Belle Dearheart - Claire Foy
    Drumknott - Steve Pemberton
    Groat - Andrew Sachs
    Miss Cripslock - Tamsin Greig


    There are places for extras too...
  18. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Hmmm... an interesting choice.
    I can certainly imagine Andrew Sachs as an aged 'Mañuel' playing Groat with great success.

    As for the others, I can't really imagine David Suchet as Reacher Guilt. Maybe I've been watching to much Poirot to think of him as anything else. Someone had previously suggested Stephen Fry which sounded about right.

    I'll just keep an open mind on the rest of the field until I've seen the movie.
  19. jaccairn New Member

    You never saw David Suchet playing Robert Maxwell then? Had to look a few of the others up, but interesting, very interesting.
  20. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Ooh, like the choices for Moist and Adora-Belle, wouldn't have thought of either of them but now they're in there, I like it... Dunno if Sachs is quite manky-looking enough for Groat, but I guess in costume and all. Nice to see some progress, looking forward to it.
  21. pendraggon New Member

    Phillip Glenister would make a great Vimes!

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