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Discussion in 'POLLS AND ELECTIONS' started by Maljonic, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. Maljonic Administrator

    Can we have some ideas for the name of this forum, then vote on the best later? There will be a description underneath the name telling everyone what it is, i.e. a general chit chat area.

    I'll start with:

    The Mended Drum. :)
  2. Pixel New Member

    It has to be "Room 3B" - where all the virtual lectures take place!
  3. Maljonic Administrator

    Is that a room in the UU, it's been ages since I read one of the books with the UU in it. :)
  4. Mynona Member

    Yes and no.

    Room 3B is where all the lectures that doesn't take place take place. The room, apperantly, doesn't exsist but the teachers put it up on schedule before dozing off.
  5. Maljonic Administrator

    Okay then, so far we have:

    [list:3505bdca2a]Hide Park Corner
    The Rats Chamber
    The Mended Drum
    Room 3B[/list:u:3505bdca2a]

    Any more ideas? :)

    P.S. The first two are Buzzfloyd's suggestions from another thread.
  6. Tonyblack Guest

    The Diet of Bugs? :)
  7. Maljonic Administrator

    Oo, that makes me think if perhaps we could have the name of a Discworld area or town as our GD section, like Uberwald? :)
  8. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    If we were to do that, surely The Great Wahoonie itself would be our gathering place? Or Sator Square.
  9. Maljonic Administrator

    [list:c405619d14]Hide Park Corner
    The Rats Chamber
    The Mended Drum
    Room 3B
    The Diet of Bugs
    The Great Wahoonie
    Sator Square[/list:u:c405619d14]

    Just gathering up the list... :)
  10. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Surely it should be called Boardania.
  11. Tempus New Member

    Mended Drum sounds good. We'll need to elect/pressgang barstaff, bouncers and an innkeeper though.
    And someone to keep Nester from drinking the entire stock on the first day.
  12. Silmaril New Member

    I think Sator Square would be good; or room 3B.

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